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Senior Standing The ageing of the population is accelerating, the first of the baby boomers (those born between 1946-1964), turned 60 in 2006. It has become quite clear that retiring people in our society are being pushed aside, neglected and unaware of products that are available.

Expressions of Interest Sought

Our cancellation of this year's exhibitions is a strategic move to ensure that our exhibitors and visitors enjoy a beneficial and mutually profitable experience. The current global financial situation meant that the organised expos would have had less visitors and a reduced investment from vendors and organisations wishing to exhibit. It was a difficult decision to make and in hindsight turned out to be the right one.

The planning for 2010 and 2011 has begun and in order to ensure that our focus is squarely on value to exhibitors and visitors we are calling for expressions of interest from potential exhibitors and speakers/presenters. We're also open to suggestions from the public as to what areas are of most importance to you.

We are currently booking exhibition space and developing attendee activities. If you are interested in being part of this exciting opportunity please let us know.

We hope to make positive changes to their lives by providing them with valuable information on the wide range of products and services that are available. The aim of our expos throughout Australia is to make these products and services easily accessible to enhance their quality of life. For the upcoming retirees we want our expo to be the best one-stop-shop to gain knowledge and information on how to better plan for their retirement, personal comfort and independence. We feel that our exhibitions will fulfill a very important need in our community.

Official Print Media Sponsor

Baby Boomers and Seniors Expo warmly welcome the Herald Sun as our official exclusive print sponsor for our Melbourne expo.
Population Change

One in six Victorians are ‘seniors’ – aged 60 years or more. By 2021, one in four Victorians will be seniors

  • Population ageing is occurring because birth rates are falling, the “baby boomer” generation is getting older, and people are living longer.
  • The trend towards an older population structure has been occurring over a number of decades both in Australia and in developed countries throughout the world.
For more information visit or phone 03 9616 7777

Or download their handy wall chart here to get a more in-depth view of the where the current trends are heading.  
Retirement Age & Finances
Financial security will determine when people retire

MEDIA RELEASE January 22, 2008

Australian Bureau of Statistics

In 2006-07, there were 3.2 million people (aged 45 years and over) in the labour force who intend to retire at some time in the future according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

'Financial security' was the most common factor for influencing people's decision about when they intended to retire (44% of men and 41% of women). 'Personal health and physical abilities (40% of men, 40% women) was the next most common deciding factor followed by 'reaching the eligibility age for an old age (or service) pension' (12% of men, 11% women).
Age Demographics
Baby Boomers and Seniors comprise around 30% of the Australian population

Source ABS  Census 2006

The Baby Boomers and Seniors Expo is on the lookout for suitable sponsors. Our sponsorship packages provide enormous value in terms of bringing your brand into the lives of people who are both willing and able to take advantage of the uniqueness of your offering. Use the Contact Us page or call direct to discuss your requirements. The different levels of sponsorship currently available are...

Australia 2051

Almost half the population older than 50 years

Australia will look very different in 2051, with almost one in two Australians being older than 50 years, according to the latest population projections released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today. These projections, which are not intended as forecasts, are based on a series of assumptions that take into account recent trends in fertility, mortality and migration.

By 2051 Australia's population is expected to increase to between 25 and 33 million people, with around 44% to 48% being older than 50 years. In 2004 Australia's population was 20 million people, with almost one third being older than 50 years. The ageing of Australia's population is the result of sustained low fertility, combined with increasing life expectancy at birth.


We would like to extend a warm THANK YOU to everyone who has shown interest in our events

Please do keep in contact and we will keep you updated with our new schedule as it becomes available.

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